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Why you need an adjuster?

By the time defense counsel receives a claim file, suit has generally been filed. There is usually much work that needs to be done to prepare the defense. We stand ready to assist you.

One call does it all, no matter where in the country. We are very experienced at this type of work.

Our network of experienced appraisers are well qualified and will help you do document your claim. We won’t let you down.

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Skip Trace / Witness Locate

We subscribe to several national databases and as a part of the Frontier Adjusters network we can have a local adjuster locate or interview your witness no matter where they are in the country. This is a big savings over flying an attorney or investigator, who lacks local knowledge, across the country. We have more than 670 office locations.

Social Media Research

We have access to many search algorithms that will allow us to provide a comprehensive social media background check on your witness or claimant.


When time comes for mediation we have extensive experience, the Washington mediation rules are unique and it is important you have an adjuster at your side that fully understands and abides by them.


We can provide limited surveillance anywhere in the state of Washington.

Scene Investigation 

If the scene is still in tact we can provide professional quality photographs showing key measurements and perspectives. The photos you can blow up and present to the jury to illustrate your point.

Background & Criminal Record Checks

Through an extensive array of databases we can provide you with a detailed background check on persons of interest. Forewarned is forearmed.

Scene Video

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is the case, how much is an HD video worth? We can provide high quality, HD, video showing all perspectives upon request.

Witness Canvas

Even long after the fact, our experienced investigators can often identify key witnesses that will testify to what actually occurred. As you well know there is an enormous difference between going into a deposition armed with all the facts as opposed to learning them as the deposition unfolds. Let us arm you with the facts – good or bad

Witness Statements

We can secure witness statements in whatever form you need it; written, recorded (mp3), and/or video.

Document Retrieval

Do you need documents to support your case? We will diligently get you the documents you need.

Need Defense Services?

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