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A prompt and accurate scope can be your best friend

Why is a professional adjuster so important?

A prompt and accurate scope can be your best friend when documenting a claim with potential for exaggerated, or fraudulent damages. Some could argue that mitigation and restoration contractors could have a conflict of interest when wearing two hats in the claims process. We document related and unrelated damages and potential hazards on an insured risk.

Our network of experienced appraisers are well qualified and will help you do document your claim. We won’t let you down.

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Auto Liability

We are experienced in investigating auto liability claims and are familiar with the Washington State RCW’s. We document the 3 factors in an automobile accident: 1) Speed 2) Lookout 3) Right of Way. We can interview drivers and witnesses in person or over the phone to gather facts quickly so that a decision on liability can be made.

We have access to the Washington State IVIPS to research the legal ownership of an unknown vehicle by running a plate or VIN.

Trucking & Transportation

We are available for late night and after-hour trucking claims. We can typically be on the scene of an accident within 30-60 minutes to gather the crucial data required to process claims data. We have taken truck drivers to UA Screening and their local hubs. Call our Nationwide 24/7 hot-line if you have an after-hours emergency: 800-426-7228.

We have handled hundreds of claims for the largest, most respected trucking companies in the nation. Ask around and you won’t be disappointed with our experience.


Our experienced adjusters use Xactimate 28 to provide accurate estimates using local industry standards to make sure you are not paying a claim based on a “one-line” estimate from a contractor. We document water and fire losses.

Commercial Property

We document commercial property claims and confirm the exposures by using the most recent version of Xactimate. We hold the the contractors accountable and will make sure you do not overpay a complex claim.

3rd Party Liability

Sometimes an insured can cause damages to other people’s property. We use Xactimate 28 in order to provide an accurate estimate for repairs. We apply depreciation, or betterment, based on age, use, or condition to give you the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of the claim.

Slip & Fall

We document the area of the alleged slip or fall by taking high resolution photos and video. We can interview the claimant, insured, and any witnesses to document a claim and help you provide a decision on liability.

Scene Investigation

We photograph and video accident scenes and can provide a “driver’s perspective” by video taping the view of drivers involved. We measure points of interest including lane width and document any obstructions.

We are available to inspect scenes after-hours in an attempt to recreate the lighting factors that may, or may not have contributed to the loss.

Inland/Marine Cargo

Our comprehensive and effective cargo reports will help you document a cargo claim.

Construction Defect

Let us help you document a complicated construction defect claim by inspecting the property and damages and gathering pertinent contracts, permits, and paperwork that will help you in your claim.

Bodily Injury

We can obtain medical release authorizations and request medical records from insured and claimant providers.

TPA Adjusting Services

Need help administering your claims? We can help you whether you are writing in a new state or need help with overflow claims.

Skip Trace

We can find almost anyone! We have resources that allow us to find persons of interest, claimants, or unresponsive insureds. When necessary, we can “cold call” a person’s last known address in an attempt to obtain contact information necessary to process your claim.

Social Media Background

We specialize in researching a claimant’s social media presence. We can research a claimant’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin and other accounts, in an attempt to locate them or determine their activity.

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A prompt and accurate appraisal can be your best friend