Technology and Liability

How will autonomous vehicles affect safety and liability claims?

May 5, 2015 – Freightliner unveiled their autonomous truck called “Freightliner Inspiration” during a grandiose¬†ceremony at the Hoover Dam in Las Vegas, NV. The Daimler-built truck can now be legally operated on highways in the state of Nevada.¬†

You can read more about this truck at the Freightliner Inspiration Website.

How do you think autonomous vehicles will affect safety and liability claims moving forward? Legal multitasking in a world of illegal distracted driving with cellphones and text messaging? I can imagine the flurry of fraudulent claims plotted by crooks rushing in once these hit the road. I’m certain that a truck of this nature would store the data from the several cameras on the truck in the case of an accident – to protect itself at the very least? Does it store video? How much data is stored? Would a cloud based format be available?

With several cameras all over the truck the days of a driver backing into an awning will soon come to an end! No more “Truck on Truck Crime” at the local Pilot Truck stop. Then again, there will always be that guy driving the 2,000,000 mile Volvo who will take the turn too tight…

Overall, this is a pretty awesome rig! But can anyone tell me the price tag for this bad boy?

Here’s one of their videos that boasts the latest technology:

One thing is for sure: The truck is beautiful! Check out a few images from their website below.