Welcome to the Claims Northwest LLC Group of Frontier Adjusters

With locations in WA, WY, OH, KY, WV, and ME

The Claims Northwest LLC Group is owned and operated by John and Alli Walker. The administrative office is headquartered in Everett, WA. They started their journey in the Frontier Family in 2006 as one of the youngest owners in company history. Their first office was located in Vancouver/Surrey, BC and shortly after expanded into Bellingham, WA as an Appraisal Office.

In 2008, they acquired the Everett, WA Full Service Adjusting Office. In 2010 they purchased the Bellingham Full Service Adjusting Office.

In 2015 they acquired the Seattle and Tacoma Appraisal Services and shortly after opened the Seattle/SeaTac office in 2017.

In 2017 they ventured into the State of Wyoming where they acquired the Casper, Riverton, and Jackson Hole Wyoming Locations.

In 2019 they continued East and acquired the Columbus, Ohio franchise.

In 2020 they expanded their operations into the states of Maine, West Virginia, and Kentucky.

The Frontier Adjusters Franchise System was purchased by The Davies Group in 2019

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